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Workwear Clothing

If you haven’t found the best workwear clothing supplier in South Africa yet, then take a tour around the Totalguard Workwear website to see what you’re missing out on.

In general, workwear clothing has to be replaced on a yearly basis, depending of course on the type of workwear, but if you find that you’re being given the runaround where it comes to sourcing workwear clothing, let the team at Totalguard Workwear introduce you to hassle-free and reliable access to all you require.

This friendly team bends over backward to look after their clients, and, with many years’ experience under their belts, you can be almost 100% sure that they’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips!

Workwear Clothing

With a full range of workwear clothing available, including all PPE items, casual but quality t-shirts and golf shirts, eyewear, gloves, safety boots and all manner of reflective wear, freezer and rainwear, as well as a full range of security wear, you won’t have to look anywhere else for all you need.

Need workwear branded?

Totalguard makes it a cinch for you to get all your workwear branded in-house. This team of industry experts will help you to choose the best branding option for your workwear clothing, whether you go with highly specialized embroidering or quality printing.

The idea is that the branding you choose will be of the quality that’ll last as long as the workwear clothing item is manufactured to last.

This gives you the confidence to know that your brand and legend is done to the highest standard, without having to risk finding the right company to brand your workwear.

Nationwide delivery throughout South Africa

Once you’ve enjoyed the freedom of ordering your workwear clothing online from Totalguard Workwear, you can rely on this team to deliver your quality workwear right to your doorstep, anywhere in South Africa.

Turnaround times are fast because this team understands fully just how important it is that you get your workwear on time, when you need it most, and you’ll never be left in the lurch with Totalguard Workwear.

Easy payment options & expert support

The pleasure of choosing Totalguard Workwear as your supplier of workwear clothing includes the fact that you’re working with industry experts that can guide you to the best workwear clothing solutions to suit your industry.

You’ll also find that payment is fast and secure, yet another aspect of working with this team that instills confidence in their customers!

Head to toe workwear clothing & smart/casual apparel

Totalguard Workwear not only supplies industry and governmental sectors with safety workwear, they also have a huge range of quality semi-casual apparel, ranging from headwear to shirts and trousers, jerseys, jackets, belts and ties, to give but a taste of their selection.

Quality t-shirts and golf shirts feature in their selection, along with jeans and other pants styles designed for comfort, in fact, as they say, this is workwear clothing ‘Built tough. Built for Africa’!

Contact Totalguard Workwear today!

If you want long-lasting quality in the workwear clothing you purchase, then your budget will stretch a lot further for quality at Totalguard Workwear than anywhere else in South Africa!

Start with the best workwear clothing and never look back!