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Why Promotional Gifts Are Still a Solid Marketing Strategy in 2021

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Promotional gifting, as a tool to build brand recognition, has been a successful marketing strategy for many years. But now that you can easily track the results of internet marketing campaigns, people have come to question its effectiveness. It’s important to recognise that branded gifts still have a positive effect on your sales and should be part of your marketing strategy.


While the primary use of promotional gifts in South Africa is to increase brand recognition, when used during product giveaways and with a call to action, you can achieve successful results. It doesn’t matter how you choose to incorporate it into your advertising campaign, it will build brand awareness and increase your bottom line.

How to Choose the Perfect Branded Gift


Consider your niche and the niche you’re targeting. For example, if you’re a gym or health/fitness brand, gifts like water bottles, caps, t-shirts, and wristbands will go a long way. For the corporate market, gifts like USB flash drives, mugs and stationery will be effective. If you’re not sure about the type of gifts that will work for your business, get help from a promotional gifts company.

Where or When Should I Distribute These Branded Gifts?


There are a few ways to distribute promotional gifts. Trade shows are a great place to offer “free gifts”. It will help attract more people to your stall, ultimately introducing your brand to potential new customers. Another alternative is to send your existing customer base “thank you” gifts. It will help build customer relationships and build brand loyalty. Arm your sales team with promotional items to win over customers.

More Reasons to Include Promotional Gifts in Your Marketing Strategy

Create long-lasting brand awareness

Research shows that 62% of branded gift recipients remember the company’s details from which they received a promotional product. A promotional item can be a continuous reminder of your brand if used often. It’s even possible to improve customer relationships with the smart use of promotional gifting. Forming a positive link by creating gratitude and appreciation is proven to build customer loyalty.


If you include your company contact details, you make it easy for new customers to call you. Your promotional item then becomes a long-term business card.

Promotional gifts are cost-effective if targeted correctly.

It is crucial to research your target market before handing out promotional gifts left, right and centre. Targeting the right audience coupled with creative promotional gifts can deliver excellent results. If you want to make your marketing campaign successful and cost-effective in the long run, ensure that the price of delivering the promotional gift will produce results that are bigger than general media advertising.

3D Advertising in a digital age

In the digital world today, many companies opt for giveaways in the form of email links and discount codes. While discounts are awesome, we are still human and appreciate something we can touch. It is far more exciting for people to receive an actual object than a digital promotion. By creating a physical, personalised and thoughtful gift, you will enhance the brand awareness of your business.

Let your customers be your representatives.

You can let your customers become a mobile billboard for your brand by giving them quality promotional gifts such as an item of clothing or a backpack with your logo on it. The more creative your design, the more the customer will use the gift. Any time a customer wear or use your branded gift, you have succeeded in building your brand by making them a public representative of your company.

Add a personal dimension to your marketing message.

If you know your customers and understand what motivates them, it will be easier to add a personal touch to your marketing strategy. A great branded gift can help you define and customise your brand message. An interesting or creative design will increase the perceived value of your gift, making it more desirable to your target audience. And when your gift is perceived as valuable, people will be more likely to keep it and use it for a long time. Ultimately, creating long-term brand awareness.


While many business owners believe that promotional gifting as a marketing strategy no longer provides desired results, the opposite is true. Branded products are still a very powerful and effective marketing tool.


When properly executed, a marketing strategy driven by promotional products can be very rewarding and greatly successful for both sales and revenue. It can also build your brand reputation and create brand awareness. Take your time, study your target market, consider your options and be creative. It will enable you to find the perfect gift for your potential and existing customers.