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Visit Nosy Be Right Now If You Want the Vacation of a Lifetime

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Nosy Be is an island in Madagascar. It has a vibrant ecosystem and is surrounded by coral reefs. You will find dive sites offering the chance to see dolphins, turtles, sharks, and reef fish all around the coast. Humpback whales migrate to the area between July to November, making it a great time to spot them. You can easily find shallow sites if you are a beginner. But, as an experienced diver, you’ll be pleased to know that there are large drop-offs like Cyclone Bank or the Mitsio wreck. Without a doubt, Nosy Be will be the best holiday you’ll ever take. Here are eight great reasons why you should go.

The Yacht Experience

Cruising around the island in a beautiful yacht offers the ultimate luxury experience. Yachts are typically equipped with the latest comforts and electronics. They also have everything you need for sport-fishing, diving, and sailing around the islands in style.

Specialised Fishing

With large banks and drop-offs ranging from 20m to 1000m, Madagascar’s waters have a large variety of fishing grounds to choose from. You will find a large variety of fish species that can range from giant trevally and barracuda to Marlin.

Scuba Diving

Nosy Be is a stunning tropical island. It has a beautiful marine reserve that is home to a colourful coral reef, a full range of reef fishes and the hawksbill turtles. The reef is suitable for snorkelling and divers of all levels with depths ranging from 1m to 20m.

Quad Biking

Tour the island by quad and discover the natural and uncontaminated beauty that is Madagascar. A quad bike rental comes complete with a helpful guide that can offer safe biking routes, which will lead you to discover phenomenal volcanic lakes.

Horse Riding

If you’re looking to explore beaches, craters and island foothills, saddle up for a horseback ride of note. This is one of the best ways to discover and feel a connection to the natural surroundings of the island.

Walk in the Forest

You won’t find any poisonous animals in the Lokobe forest. The forest contains various endemic plant and animal species of the island, and it’s even possible to meet chameleons, lemurs or the peaceful boa constrictors during your walk.

Visit a Waterfall

The Petite Waterfall is in a corner of a wild forest that’s only accessible by foot. You will never forget the moment you first laid eyes on this magnificent waterfall and lake surrounded by lush vegetation and greenery. This place is sacred to the Sakalava and will remain in your memory for many years to come.


At the Ampangorinana market, you can experience the strong craftsmanship heritage of Madagascar. Nestled between the Nosy Be and the mainland, Nosy Komba is a smaller island with incredible wildlife and a landscape like no other. You can expect to find spices, wood carvings, embroidered fabrics and much more to commemorate your trip.