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Techno Pave = Exceptional Paving Pretoria in a Nutshell!


If you’re looking for superb workmanship and high-quality paving in Pretoria, you’ll find it all, and more, at Techno Pave, without a doubt!

If ever there was a full-service paving company in Pretoria, Techno Pave can certainly lay claim to first place in the industry where it comes to making planning and completing your paving project a completely stress-free experience.

With owner and hands-on manager Jacques Barlow at the helm of these highly experienced paving teams, as well as heading his exceptionally well-trained construction teams, you can expect nothing less than the very best in terms of service excellence from Techno Pave.

These teams have over 20 years of experience under their collective belts, which means that your paving project is in the best possible hands, especially if you expect quality at cost-effective prices as well as projects that are always delivered on time!

No detail is overlooked in the commitment to the exceptional, and, whether yours is a paving project or a civil construction project, you’ll have the best team on hand to take you from quote to drawing board, and on to final completion, without missing a beat!

Residential & commercial paving projects, big & small!

Housing complexes & standalone homes

Any time you hear the word ‘customised’ from Techno Pave, you can be absolutely certain that if you’d like your pool and patio area, driveway, parking areas or walkways to reflect your individual taste perfectly, then this is the team to do it for you, and at prices that won’t destroy your budget!

This applies to small projects at homes, as well as larger projects when it comes to beautifying a housing complex; nothing is too small or too big for Jacques and his team to tackle professionally.

Large scale paving served up as ordered!

With close on 23 years experience, you can safely trust Techno Pave to deliver the goods on large scale projects without breaking a sweat. This is not Mickey Mouse paving; in fact, this team can ensure that your paved areas will be more than able to handle heavy duty traffic of all types, through the use of professional interlocking paving methods designed to last under pressure!

Public spaces & shopping centres

Hospitals, shopping centres, schools and other large, busy public spaces that have to deal with a lot of heavy traffic and major usage of all kinds, do well with Techno Pave paved roads.

You need tough durability and style when it comes to the paving of large public spaces, and this is right up Techno Pave’s alley!

You simply have to visit the “before and after” page here, it’s the perfect example of the quality you can come to expect of the workmanship and artistry of the team at Techno Pave!

Here are just a few of customers who won’t deal with anyone but Techno Pave, and with good reason too!

Contact Techno Pave today for the best paving in Pretoria!

Why waste time with any other paving company in Pretoria when you can have the very best on your side by contacting Techno Pave today for a free quote, or to discuss the type of project you have in mind?

You could also contact Techno Pave via phone, fill in an online contact form or, better yet, you can make an appointment to visit these professionals at their offices in Pretoria or in Sandton, Johannesburg.