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Save water, time & money by having a leak detection specialist on speed dial!

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In general, the average home and business owner doesn’t know that much about plumbing, let alone how to find pipes that are hidden behind walls and underground, which leaves us pretty much in the dark where it comes to leak detection.

It’s easy to know you have a leak when it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, blocked drain or toilet, or, when water starts gushing out of a pipe that’s burst, but it’s the leaks that, little by little, start causing water wastage and damage to pipes, which are the ones we can’t see.

For leaks like this we need registered plumbing specialists who use state of the art technology to locate leaks before they become emergencies and cause major water loss, along with the ensuing damage that is caused to your property.

Did you know?

In a country that’s experiencing drought in large areas, it’s estimated that we lose up to a third of our water in South Africa purely due to leaks and other associated plumbing issues that are left unattended to.

Not only do we face massive electricity bills, unless of course you have solar power, add to this dealing with very expensive water bills which create yet another drain on our pockets, which can be avoided if our plumbing systems are well maintained.

By contacting a leak detection specialist a few times a year, you’re going to save up to 80% on your monthly water bill, and, with the extra costs that are levied for water in drought stricken areas, this is a huge saving we can all do with.

Deal with registered leak detection specialists only

Its useless getting a guy out that is a plumber but that doesn’t specialise in leak detection. He may well be able to fix visible plumbing issues and leaks; however, getting to the root cause of leaks that are hidden is the purview of specialists using the right equipment.

Make sure that the leak detection specialist you choose to do the job is IOPSA (The Institute of Plumbing SA) registered and PIRB (Plumbing Industry Registration Board) registered.

This is for your own protection, so that, should you have any problems with a plumber called in to carry out leak detection and repair, you have a professional body to turn to that will enforce the standards of the plumbing industry.

Save time & money

Having a leak detection specialist come in and carry out an inspection professionally, using specialised equipment, means that any leaks will be detected quickly, saving time, and, repairs can then be carried out in a way that causes minimal hassle to you or the possibility of causing a mess on your property.

Ask for recommendations

Any plumbing company that specialises in leak detection should be able to supply you with recommendations from previous clients, as this is the best way to ensure that you’re dealing with a company that is reliable and delivers service excellence.

You’ll find a plumber, electrician and mechanic around every corner; however, it’s good insurance to have the best on your speed dial, one that you can form a long term relationship with, based on a stable company that’ll always respond when you need them most.

If you’d like to ensure that you aren’t wasting water and money, neither of which we can afford, as individuals or as a country short on water, make sure you find a leak detection professional to carry out an inspection before any trouble starts; you’ll be surprised at how much money it’ll save you in the long run!