How Installing Blinds Can Help You Save Money

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Blinds are a popular choice for covering windows because they offer versatility and come in a wide range of styles and design such as aluminium, wood, vinyl and composite.


Did you know that blinds do more than cover your windows or ad style to your design? They also give you privacy and enable you to manage the amount of light that enters your home. And they even block harmful UV rays to protect your furniture. But, probably one of the most important ‘duties’ of blinds is to provide insulation.


During the summer months, we usually turn up the aircon when it gets too hot. While it’s effective in cooling our homes, it’s not the most cost-efficient option. Instead, consider fitting your windows with appropriate treatments to help control the temperatures in your home during summer and winter.


It’s believed that around one-third of heating energy is lost through windows and three-quarters of sunlight that lands on windows convert into heat. Blinds and curtains can lower cooling and heating bills by decreasing energy loss through windows. By installing quality blinds designed to give natural insulation from external temperatures, you don’t have to increase electricity bills by using electronic appliances to manage internal temperatures.


We all need to do our part in protecting the environment, and one way to do it is to minimize our energy consumption. With an energy-efficient blind installation, we won’t only save money, but we’ll lower our carbon footprint too.


Keep Your Blinds in Durban Looking Great for Longer to Stretch Your Pennies Even Further


Blinds are one of the best investments you can make. It will enhance the look and feel of your space, provide privacy and allow you to determine the amount of light that can enter at any time. But, they can also be expensive, especially if you invest in quality blinds. So it is essential to take care of your blinds to keep them looking good and functioning optimally.


Different blinds will need need to be cleaned differently. So make sure you use the right materials to avoid irreparable damage.


Fabric Blinds

Spot cleaning is the best option for your fabric blinds. Get rid of dust with a feather duster or vacuum cleaner regularly. If you neglected to clean your blinds for whatever reason and spot cleaning isn’t cutting it, you might need to remove them and wash them in the bathtub.


Panel Blinds & Aluminium Blinds

Panel blinds are easy to maintain. Remove dust daily with a soft feather duster. Wipe your duster down the length of the blinds to avoid dust accumulation. Remove dirty spots gently with warm water and mild soap and let them dry naturally by opening a window. Avoid using strong chemicals that might cause damage.


Wooden Blinds

Close the blinds and dust them gently with your microfiber cloth or use the soft brush on your vacuum cleaner on a low suction setting. Flip the blinds and repeat this step on the back. Mix dishwashing liquid or baking soda with warm water and use a damp cloth to wipe the blinds. Don’t use too much water. It will damage your blinds.