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Get Your Police Clearance Certificate Easily with Doc Assist!

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It’s not a 1,2,3 experience to get a police clearance certificate in South Africa, at least not without the help of professionals who apply for PCC’s on behalf of their clients on a daily basis.

Doc Assist may be a South African based document procurement services company, but that doesn’t stop them from being able to help people who are working or living overseas, if they need a police clearance certificate.

Being experts at acquiring a full range of important, official documents, the team at Doc Assist is able to source virtually any document on your behalf, without any of the frustration normally attached to going it alone.

Case in point, is that most of us will avoid the Home Affairs department if at all possible, as conditioned as we are to long queues and the frustration of being sent from one cubicle to another, just to fill in one form!

What can Doc Assist do for you? Well, because the list of services this team can assist you with is so vast, we’re going to look at just a few of them, including what they can do to make applying for a police clearance certificate a hassle-free experience.

Police Clearance Certificates

Whether you live in South Africa or are currently living overseas, Doc Assist is there to make getting a police clearance certificate a truly simplified experience.

Your first step to getting a PCC via Doc Assist is to email the team to request a quote, and they also make it very easy for you to contact them via Skype or telephone, which means access to this team is streamlined from start to finish.

Because Doc Assist submits applications for police clearance certificates on a daily basis, they know exactly how to negotiate the system, in order to expedite your application as quickly as possible.

They’ll do the follow up, collect the completed PCC and email a scanned copy of it to you, just to make sure that all the details are 100% correct, before they send it to you via courier. 

This cuts out any need to go backwards and forwards via the South African Police Services yourself to get things right!

All you need to do is to send Doc Assist 2 copies of your ID or passport, fingerprints and state which country the PCC will be used in, as well as including a marriage certificate, if you intend to have your married and maiden surname on the police clearance certificate.

The team at Doc Assist will keep you updated during the entire process, as well as giving you information on the latest processing time, which is dependent on the backlog of the overworked SAPS!

A quick look at other document procurement services on offer from Doc Assist:


  • Unabridged birth certificates


  • Notary services


  • Divorce orders


  • Marriage certificates


  • Death certificates


  • Academic documents


  • Matric and school certificates


  • Translation services


  • Driver’s license


  • Apostille of documents


  • Embassy verification


  • British documents


  • Teacher enrollment…and more!


How much more do you really need when it comes to taking the frustration out of acquiring any of these documents or services?

Contact Doc Assist today, to find out more about how they can change the way you acquire important documentation and the Apostille of documents! It really couldn’t be any easier!