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Choose Kilgetty Board Services for Streamlined Board Meetings

Board meetings have always been an important component of growing a business and keeping it on the upward curve, especially for those that have survived the worst that the Coronavirus pandemic brought with it.

As the meetings in which policy and business strategies are determined for a company, setting up board meetings that keep members engaged and involved is key to a successful outcome of any board meeting, which is the goal.

If you find that you and some of your key staff members are getting tied up in red tape in the lead-up to a board meeting, you may want to consider saving time, resources, and money by outsourcing all your board meeting requirements to Kilgetty Statutory Services.

If you’re in a particularly competitive industry, board meetings are essential when it comes to keeping the company on a positive trajectory, allowing the board to agree on issues such as goal setting for the company, as well as ascertaining what the priorities are for continued success in your industry.

It’s about strategy and collaboration, and as such, you need to ensure that your board meetings are streamlined and efficient, allowing for an atmosphere that encourages communication and the right level of collaboration, keeping everyone on the same page.

Introducing Kilgetty Secretarial Services

Professional, client-focussed efficiency is the bottom line for the team at Kilgetty, which is a commitment that has been maintained over the years with many long-term Kilgetty clients, ranging from small start-ups to major JSE listed entities.

It’s this stability that assures you that you’re working with a top South African consultancy firm, whether you’re relying on them to handle all your tax-related obligations to SARS or streamlining efficient board meetings.

Kilgetty is here to make your life simpler and to get things done efficiently, using technology to cut out issues that generally frustrate clients of traditional company secretarial services platforms.

Looking at the management team at Kilgetty is impressive, building confidence for new clients and assuring long-term clients that exceptional standards remain unwavering. 

The international and local experience between the management team is crucial to ensuring that Kilgetty remains on the cutting edge of any changes that could have an impact on your business.

What can Kilgetty do to create successful board meetings?

Cost effectiveness and efficiency is what the team at Kilgetty can offer when it comes to planning and executing a successful board meeting, without a doubt.

Right from the meeting with the director to set the agenda to the compilations of and handing out of board meeting packs, minute taking and then following up on actionable items at its conclusion, you’ll know you’re dealing with consummate professionals every step of the way.

As South Africa’s leading Company Secretarial Services Platform, Kilgetty does much more than handle your board meetings. Whatever your statutory, tax, corporate or Company Secretarial needs may be, Kilgetty belongs on your speed dial, especially if you’re ready to cut all the red tape out of your day to day activities!

Contact Kilgetty Statutory Services today to let them handle the red tape while you grow your business; there has never been a time such as this in history, when business owners and directors have needed to focus intently on growing their businesses, in an economy diametrically opposed to growth!