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Best South African Foods To Enjoy In Australia

South African food is a unique fusion of Eastern and Western culture, with influences from African, Malaysian, Dutch, and Indian culinary traditions. Whether you are travelling to South Africa or simply looking to try some traditional dishes at home, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from. Some popular South African foods include stews, braai (barbecue), boerewors sausage, pap (a type of porridge), and biltong (dried meat). So why not explore the vibrant flavours of this delicious cuisine today?

Top 10 most popular South African Food

South African food reflects a fusion of Eastern & Western cultures. The cuisines have roots in African as well as Malaysian culture. It is influenced by the Dutch & Indian tastes as well. If you are visiting South Africa, here is the list of the best South African foods that you can enjoy.

Here is the list of top 10 South African food.

  • Chakalaka – Chakalaka is a side dish that is prepared using beans, tomatoes, and onions. People eat it with bread, pap, or rice. People enjoy it with grated carrots, sliced onions, green chili, capsicum, vinegar & sometimes with mixed sauces.
  • Bunny chow – It is fast food that originated in Durban. It is a type of curry in a loaf of bread. The bread acts as a container that soaks all the delicious curry.
  • Braai – It is a barbecue in which they cook meat over an open fire. The most popular meat type used in braai is lamb, chicken, and beef.
  • Potjiekos – It is a traditional stew made with meat or fish. It is a popular choice for social gatherings. It is cooked under low heat for many hours in a cast iron pot called potjie.
  • Melktert – Melktert, a South African dessert in Afrikaans cuisine, originated in the Dutch colonized Cape. This type of pastry is also known as custard tart or simply custard pie. Melktert is often served with tea or coffee after dinner; however, they are traditionally made at Christmas and served on special occasions such as weddings, funerals, and birthday parties.
  • Sosaties – It is a popular dish in South Africa. The recipe has variations of meat with chicken, lamb, or beef. They marinate and then grill or barbecue the meat.
  • Boerewors – It is a type of sausage which is made with beef, pork, or a combination of both. People also enjoy it with pap, chakalaka, and tomato relish.
  • Biltong – It is a type of dried and cured meat. It is similar to jerky. It is made from various meats such as beef, ostrich, venison, or game meats. Traditional African spices are used in the original recipe. However, many variations & fusion recipes are also popular.
  • Pap – It is a type of porridge that is made from maize meals. It is a staple food in South Africa and is often eaten with stews or curries.
  • Koeksisters – It is a type of deep-fried pastry that is popular in South Africa. It is often served with a sweet syrup to add sweetness.

But where to find the best South African Food?

If you are visiting South Africa, you must try these delicious and mouthwatering foods! 

South African food reflects the diverse cultures and traditions that make up this beautiful country. In South Africa, you will find everything from hearty stews and spicy curries to savoury meats and delicate pastries.

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