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7 Self Care Tips For A Healthy Body and Mind

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Do you ever neglect to look after yourself? You’re not alone. We all do it. When daily life gets hectic, it can be challenging to find the time to take care of yourself, but self-care is vital in helping you remain on top of your psychological and physical well-being.


The below suggestions are self-care activities you will be able to squeeze into a short period, typically with little if any cost.

Take a stroll

One of the most useful methods of reducing stress is to walk them away. Walking activates the discharge of endorphins that work to decrease stress hormones while inducing relaxation. Even 20 minutes a day make a huge difference.

Read a book

Spend some time to relax with a good book. Reading is a superb (and also healthy) approach to break free of the stress of everyday life. Based on a new study by David Lewis, reading for only six minutes may be sufficient to reduce stress levels by 68%. He claims that reading works faster and better than other ways to unwind.

Take a digital cleanse

Technology has penetrated our lives to the degree that we are always connected. The majority of us is unable to concentrate on a simple task without grabbing our phones. Decide on a weekend and attempt to disconnect from technology — no smartphone, computer, laptop, etc. Or if that seems too harsh, consider putting aside half an hour for technology breaks. Briefly disengaging from emails, social networks, and the internet is a fantastic way to get revitalised.

Take a nap

Taking an afternoon snooze can lessen some stress hormones present in your body, so you will wake up rejuvenated and re-energized. Studies have shown that a daily nap of between 20 and 90 minutes before 4:00 pm will boost your mental functionality.

Listen to music

Listening to music have a calming impact on our minds and bodies. It decreases blood pressure levels, lowers muscle tension and reduces the number of stress hormones. A slower pace will allow you to clear your thoughts, allowing you to feel relaxed while releasing the worries of the day.

Eat healthy foods

Food has the extraordinary capability of influencing your mental clarity, mood, memory, and ability to concentrate. So if you’re trying to enhance your focus, one of the places to start is to make healthier food choices. Consider adding Blueberries, avocado, leafy green vegetables, fatty fish, dark chocolate and nuts to your diet.


Meditation is deemed one of the most efficient ways to maintain a healthy mind. It assists in the recovery of the area of the brain that’s affected as a result of stress. A few minutes of meditation daily might be just what you need to boost your energy and help you endure life’s difficulties with greater ease and confidence. If you’re not sure where to begin with meditation, it pays to visit a professional meditation coach.


There are so many ways to provide self-care for your mind and body. Practice them daily and benefit from every new experience for a healthier happier you!