6 Most Common Roof Repairs You May Need

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Speak to any professional roofing contractor and they’ll be able to give you a pretty concise list of the most common roofing issues they come across, and the kind of roof repairs you need to keep in mind if you are to avoid major repairs sooner rather than later.

Your roof is exposed to the elements day and night, every day of the year without let-up, which makes it essential to stick to a good roof maintenance plan to keep it in healthy condition.

You’ll find that at the top of the list of the most common roof repairs you need to be prepared for is roof leaks! However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that it’s best to tackle roof repairs as soon as there is any sign of trouble.

This proactive approach to roof issues is going to help you avoid major roofing problems that could lead to something as costly as a roof replacement. 

6 Most common roof repairs you may need:

Roof leaks

As stated at the outset, roof leaks top the list of common roof repairs you’ll probably need over the years, as your roof ages. Irrespective of what the cause may be for the leaking roof, it’s in your best interest to contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible to inspect the roof, and then to repair and waterproof it.

You’ll avoid having to drag the buckets out next winter if you have the roof inspected and checked for leaks before the rainy season comes around, as this will prevent further damage.

Damage from trees

As beautiful as the trees on your property may be, trimming and cutting-back branches that are scratching and scraping your roof will save you a ton of trouble at a later stage.

Debris in gutters

Keeping your gutters clean is one thing you can do without calling in the experts, and it’s well worth doing in order to avoid broken gutters caused by rainwater that overflows.

Badly clogged gutters can also lead to roofing problems such as mould, rotting fascia boards, as well as damage to internal walls. 

Below-par roof installation

One of the major factors that contribute to costly roof repairs is a below-par installation. Choose your roofing contractor carefully if you’re having your roof replaced. If the waterproofing is poorly applied, you’re going to be facing major problems that’ll drive up maintenance costs as time goes by.

Pooling water on flat roofs

This is another common problem for home and business owners. If water is pooling on your flat roof, you could be looking at a roof that’ll deteriorate quickly, causing sagging. 

If there are places on the roof that don’t drain within a day or two, don’t delay in contacting a professional roofer, if you’re to avoid costly roof repairs that could lead to a roof replacement.

Weather damage

Due to its continual exposure to the elements, there is always a need to keep an eye on the damage rain, wind, sun and other environmental issues can cause to the roof. These conditions can also cause shrinkage of tiles, as well as impact the roof membrane itself, creating a host of other problems.

Having your roof inspected after a major storm, or at least once a year, can help to avoid roofing problems that lead to more than the basics of roof repair.

If you want to avoid major roof repairs, make sure you deal with the smaller repairs as they arise. Roof problems that are ignored only lead to costly repairs the longer they’re left unattended, making it essential to have a trusted roofing contractor on your speed dial!