What is uMAXit Football?

uMAXit Football is the FREE to play predictor game based around the English Premier League. Put your footballing knowledge to the test and stand a chance of winning our weekly promoted prize.

How does the uMAXit Football predictor game work?

Simply predict what the match outcome (Home Win, Draw, Away Win) will be for each of our 5-selected English Premier League matches for the given week. Get all your predictions correct and you WIN that week's promoted prize (or share thereof if there are multiple winners).

MAXIFY your predictions in-game (completely FREE as well) for your chance to win a guaranteed £30,000 in our end-of-season MAXIFY draw. 

How do I play?

You can choose to play on your iPhone/iPad using the uMAXit Football App, available for FREE download in the Apple App Store or download our self-hosted Android App here: http://bit.ly/uMAxitAndroid. You may also submit your predictions via our 'game-play' website at www.uMAXit.com

Complete the registration process.

Next, select ‘PLAY NOW’ to begin your game. For each match listed, make your prediction – ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’. Each match is listed in the order in which the fixtures will be played (by date & time). The first team is always the designated Home Team.

Once you’ve made all your predictions you will be asked if you'd like to 'MAXIFY' your predictions. If you have sufficient tokens you can select to play (MAXIFY) for an additional ‘£30,000 cash prize, to be drawn from all MAXIFY winners, accrued throughout the course of the English Premier League season. Said draw will be made at the 2016/17 season's conclusion (21st May 2017).

If you have insufficient tokens, you can choose to accumulate additional tokens or if you do not wish to use your tokens you can simply select 'Submit'.

Please note that you can accumulate tokens absolutely FREE!

The deadline for entries will be stated. Make sure you submit on time in order to be eligible to win.

How much does it cost to play?

Nothing – it’s completely FREE, no catches! There is no entry fee, nor download fee to play.

Why is uMAXit Football FREE?

We believe that FUN should be FREE and at uMAXit it is our goal to enhance the enjoyment of the ‘World’s Game’ whether you’re a footballing novice or a football fanatic.

What information must I provide in the registration process?

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Nickname
  • Email
  • Password
  • Mobile Number
  • My EPL Team

What will you do with my email address?

We aim to keep emails to a minimum. We will ONLY send the following weekly emails:

  • Prediction Confirmation
  • Weekly Review – competition update at the completion of the week’s games
  • Prediction Reminder — only if you haven’t already submitted a prediction

We respect your privacy and will NOT use your data for any other purposes or sell it on to any third party. Please use the UNSUBSCRIBE functionality, present on all communications, if you wish to stop receiving emails from uMAXit Football.

Why do you require my mobile number?

We will ONLY use your mobile number in order to authenticate and verify your identity/account. We will NOT use your number for promotional or advertisement purposes. Nor will we provide your number to any third-party.

Do I need to be of a certain age to play uMAXit Football?

Yes. All players must be aged 17 years or older. By accepting our competition 'Terms & Conditions' you are verifying that you are over the age of 17 and are permitted to participate in uMAXit Football's weekly and season-long competitions.

Does Apple 'sponsor' uMAXit Football?

Apple is NOT a sponsor of uMAXit Football, nor associated in any manner or form with any company, group or organization under the YBI Group Ltd umbrella. Apple is not responsible for conducting this competition or any associated promotion.

What does 'Maxify My Winnings' mean?

After selecting your predictions you will be offered the chance to play for an additional £30,000 sum. Your ability to do such will be dependent upon the number of tokens you have accumulated or have access to at that given moment.

If you were to decide to 'MAXIFY' your potential winnings you would require 100-tokens to do so.

By doing such you will be entered into both the weekly predictor competition (simply predicting the match outcome to our selected Premiership games) as well as the additionally stated £30,000 season-long competition (in addition to the selected match outcomes you will need to correctly predict a Premiership scoreline to stand a chance of winning the MAXIFY cash sum at the season's conclusion).

You can now MAXIFY your potential winnings up until the start of the given weeks promoted competition, irresepctive as to whether you've already submitted your predictions for the given week.

How many tokens do I need to 'Maxify My Winnings'?

  • 100 tokens

How do I earn tokens?

You will earn 5-tokens for:

  • Every correctly submitted prediction

You will earn 20-tokens for:

  • Every 'invited' player that registers with uMAXit Football
  • Every 'unique player that joins the Private League that you 'chair'

You will earn 10-tokens (per competition week) for:

  • Sharing your uMAXit Football predictions via social media
  • Sharing the uMAXit Platform via social media

You can earn up to 15-tokens (per competition week) by:

  • Watching 'Opt-In' advertisements

What does 'unique' mean?

You will only receive 20-tokens if the player that joins uMAXit Football or your Private League has NOT already registered with uMAXit and has NOT already been 'invited' to the platform by another registered player.

Do my tokens expire?

No. Your tokens will be valid for the full duration of the given Premier League season. If/when you use your tokens to MAXIFY your potential winnings these will deducted from your overall token balance.

Can I purchase additional tokens?

No, uMAXit Football does not offer the option to purchase additional tokens for real monies. All tokens can, however, be accumulated FREE-OF-CHARGE via platform engagement.

How many times can I play?

Only ONE entry per person is allowed. Anybody found to be contravening this rule will be disqualified and may even be barred from the platform going forward. If the promoter has reasonable grounds to believe that multiple accounts have been opened by one or under the control of the same person, all such accounts shall be closed and all entries by such player and/or accounts will be disqualified from participating in the competition or receiving any prizes.

Can I change my predictions?

No. Predictions cannot be changed once submitted.

How many Private Leagues can I 'Chair'?

You can be Chairman of a maximum of three (3) Private Leagues.

How many Private Leagues can I join?

You can join an unlimited number of Private Leagues (but you can only a 'chair' a maximum 3 Private Leagues).

How many players can I invite to my Private League?

As Chairman you can successfully invite a maximum of 50-players to their Private League. If you believe your Private League can attract more than 50-players please contact us on Support@uMAXit.com so that we can assist you with a customizable Private League to fit your purposes.

As Chairman can I define the length of my Private League?

Yes. When setting up your Private League you can define the duration of the league in terms of specific start and end dates or chose the option to play for the full duration/remainder of the given English Premier League season.

Can I turn my Private League into an independent competition?

Yes. uMAXit Football allows the Chairman the opportunity to use our platform as a means by which to run an independent competition, and even offer up prizes that will be available only to the Chairman's invited members. In addition, all members would still be eligible to win uMAXit's weekly and season-long promoted prizes.

Please note that YBI Group Ltd is not responsible for any prizes offered by a Chairman in the establishment of a Private League. Chairman are fully responsible for their conduct, actions and promotions and act independently of YBI Group Ltd.

Can I communicate with my 'invited' Private League members?

Yes, Chairman can communicate with all registered League members via the Chairman 'backend' system - made available once you have set-up your Private League. Chairman can likewise invite, delete and remove players from their established Private League.

What is the deadline for making predictions?

You can submit your weekly predictions up to the kick-off time of the week’s first scheduled match.

The deadline for entries will always be stated on the app and/or website.

Where can I see my predictions?

After you have submitted your predictions a copy will be emailed to your registered email address (unless you have UNSUBSCRIBED from this communication). If, for any reason, you don’t receive your email you can also check your predictions at any time on your app or website account, by selecting ‘MY PREDICTIONS’. Please note that confirmation of prediction submission is not confirmation of competition entry.

How can I track my prediction success?

In 'real-time' your predictions will be marked with a green 'tick' or red 'cross', depending on whether your prediction is correct or incorrect. Track your progress to prediction gold in the 'MY PREDICTIONS' page.

When will next week’s competition open for entry?

Once the submission deadline for the current competition has passed the new weeks competition will be available to play within 1-minute of the previous weeks stated deadline.

What happens if a match is abandoned or postponed?

If a match is postponed and fails to be rescheduled or restarted within 7 days then, uMAXit Football reserves the right to declare the given week’s competition a ‘No Contest’. In such a case uMAXit may institute a competition roll-over and double the following weeks competition prize monies. If a result is declared (and points awarded) then the official result will count toward the competition results in full.

Does extra-time and penalty shoot-outs count towards match outcomes?

No. All submitted predictions apply to the full 90 minutes, plus injury time only. Extra-time/penalty shoot-outs are not included in deciding match outcomes.

How do I claim my prize?

In the event of being a competition winner you will be notified via your personal App or website account.

A green exclamation mark '!' will appear on your 'Menu' button. When clicking on this an additional option entitled 'You're A Winner' will be visible in the menu listing.

Clicking on this option will reveal what competition week you have won, the prize won and provide you with the opportunity to select your payment option (UK Bank Transfer, Skrill) or delivery address.

Simply complete the form and the uMAXit CFO will be informed so as to execute payment/delivery. Proof thereof will be forwarded to you registered email address within 72-hours.

Please add Support@uMAXit.com and Notifications@uMAXitTowers.com to your email whitelist.

What happens if I win but do not reside in the UK?

Winners not residing in the UK are still eligible to receive prizes. Any cash prizes will be paid to you in your local currency, at the current exchange rate at time of conversion. Any non-cash prizes will be shipped to an address provided by you, at YBI Group Ltd’s expense.

Are residents of all countries eligible to claim a prize?

No, only countries accessible in the drop-down menu on the 'Register' page are eligible to claim any weekly or season-long prizes. Please note that YBI Group Ltd reserves the right to amend this listing without prior notice.

How will I be paid if I win a cash prize?

uMAXit Football offers the following payment options:

  • UK Bank Transfer
  • Skrill (Moneybookers)

What happens if there are 100's of Winners?

In the event that the total winning cash sum, from the £2,000 'prediction pot' is less than £5.00 (GBP), uMAXit Football reserves the right to:

  • Donate the £2,000 (GBP) 'Prediction Pot' in full, to a selected Charity
  • Draw, at random, 100-Winners, who will share the £2,000 'Prediction Pot'. 
  • Institute a 'Competition Rollover', whereby the following weeks 'prediction pot' will be doubled.

What happnes if i'm a MAXIFY Winner in such a circumstance?

MAXIFY winners will still be eligible to win the season long £30,000 cash prize, do be drawn at the season's conclusion.

Are there fees associated with the payment of winnings?

Yes, certain payment gateways will charge an admin or service fee when transferring winnings to an individual’s e-wallet/account. These fees will be deducted from the total winnings earned by the individual in the given competition week.

How can I contact you?

We want to hear from you, any comments or feedback can be sent to: Support@uMAXit.com