Aanu Adeoye

Aanu Adeoye is a freelance writer who contributes to Yahoo Sport UK, Squawka, SB Nation, and a host of other places. He is a fan of Arsenal and Nigeria's Super Eagles
  • Romelu Lukaku’s Claim To Being Player Of The Year Is Being Undersold

    Here’s something important to get out of the way early doors: individual awards, especially in team sports, are by their very nature a waste of time and for the most part should be scrapped. Take football for example, and ask how a team’s most important player should be decided: should it be the goalkeeper who makes logic-defying saves to make sure of one or all three points at one of the ‘tough places to go to’ or the striker who plunders 20 goals in a title-winning season? Or perhaps it’s the silky midfielder who knits it all together who deserves the most praise. The process of who gets what at end-of-the-season soirees isn’t an exact science but such is the nature of the beast that these gongs have to be handed out every year in the Premier League and elsewhere. ...

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  • Slaven Bilic Deserves To Survive The West Ham Dysfunction

    The widely held notion in football is that short of an actual sacking, the vote of confidence issued by a board for its manager is the worst thing that could possibly happen to said manager. An actual sacking is only a matter of days or weeks away, the logic goes, and history is littered with several instances of this happening. Claudio Ranieri, who you might have heard led minnows Leicester City to the most improbable title win in recent memory, was summarily dismissed in February after receiving a vote of confidence from the club’s owners; 16 days after his bosses backed him publicly, the axe fell on the Italian manager. ...

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