Tactics Tested: Antoine Griezmann


Welcome back to the last uMAXit – Football Manager 2017 experiment in this series. Hopefully you have learned a few things along the way!

So today we are going to try and replicate the real life Antoine Griezmann in the FM17 match engine. Griezmann broke the hearts of many Manchester United fans this summer, especially those that had already purchased their “Griezmann 7” shirts which are now in the bin alongside the “Morata 9” shirts. Hey, at least they didn’t go as far as the “James 10” shirts, right?

Anyway, let’s find out how well Sports Interactive have done in terms of coding Griezmann into the game.

Antoine Griezmann is a world class player already so there is little room for development. He is classed as a winger by the game and his role for Atletico switches depending on the starting system favoured by Simeone. Griezmann can start on the left of the midfield or as the second striker in a 4-4-2.



I prefer him as a shadow striker in the AMC slot where he can naturally switch in to space around the final third. He also leads the pressing movements in the opposition transition. There were no changes made to the PI’s of the default role.



He has a reasonably positive personality (fairly determined) and three pre-loaded player traits runs with ball through the centre, Moves in to channel, and shoots from distance. The latter should be untrained if possible but the first two build a wide range of movement possibilities.



Physically he is excellent with 15 for acceleration, agility and natural fitness and then 14 for pace meaning he is going to be a threat pretty much which area of the pitch he is playing in.



Mentally we see 18 for off the ball and 17 for determination and flair followed by 15 for anticipation, work rate, vision, and decisions. SI have painted Griezmann as incredibly strong mentally, which is probably fair.



Technically Griezmann has been coded with 19 for his first touch and 18 for finishing, followed by 17 dribbling, crossing and technique. I think 13 is about right for his penalty taking as well!



When it comes to training, I just had him set up on the standard training. You can do whatever you want with him really, but do remember that you are looking for maintenance rather than improvement at this stage of his development. So, let’s have a look at Antoine Griezmann in the FM17 match engine. How close to his real-life persona have SI got him?

Watch today’s video to find out!




So that was Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann. He is superb on FM17 and is coded very well, replicating his real life talent. Don’t worry United fans, I am sure Lukaku will prove that £75m does buy a first touch as well.

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For now, it has been a complete pleasure. Catch up soon!

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