The FREE-TO-PLAY English Premier League predictor game with a WEEKLY CASH PRIZE of £5,000

uMAXit Football launched in May 2013 as a simple game for family and friends to share their passion for the English Premier League.

Buoyed by its organic growth, we soon traded in the Excel spreadsheet for an iOS App and a weekly ‘prediction pot’. In July of 2015, uMAXit Football introduced a responsive game-play website, followed by, in November of 2015, a self-hosted Android App.

With a focus on simplicity, uMAXit offers a free alternative to the more traditional football accumulator and pools games, whilst our editorial platform (launched in July 2014) provides a hub for informed football opinion.

uMAXit Football is the fastest growing football predictor game in the UK today, boasting high levels of user engagement and an editorial platform that’s home to some of the best football writers, illustrators and contributors in the field.