• Paul 1

    Man Utd’s Schweinsteiger Just Makes The World A Better Place

    Bastian Schweinsteiger makes the world a better place. Okay, I do not have any empircal evidence to back that up. Unlike Mathieu Flamini's attempts to literally save the world by inventing an alternative to petrol (presumably not single-handedly), Bastian has not cracked climate change. But in the small, less important world of being a Manchester United supporter, Bastian makes things better. ...

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  • Jack 2

    Emre Can Is The Future At The Base of Liverpool’s Midfield

    For one reason or another, be it his powerhouse playing style or his rugged good looks, Emre Can is not afforded the same measure of leeway as his fellow Liverpool youngsters—the likes of Alberto Moreno and Jordon Ibe—are, with the German coming under considerable criticism for a handful of muted performances in the Reds midfield this season—the doting Kop tend to forget he is only 21.

    But with a barnstorming performance at the base of Jurgen Klopp’s midfield in Sunday’s 1-0 win at home to Swansea City, Can gave cynical onlookers a glimpse of the future as he helped his side dominate throughout. ...

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  • Alex Keble

    Will Wenger’s Bargain Obsession Scupper Another Arsenal Title Challenge?

    “ I love a bargain. Who does not love a bargain? I don’t know many people that don’t like a bargain”. If Arsene Wenger’s time at Arsenal ends without a fourth title, those midweek comments on his transfer policy may be etched into the woodwork at the Emirates as a mocking epitaph to his time at the club. In British culture the word bargain is synonymous with frugality, with the purchase of cheap tat at market stools; for many, this might be considered a fairly accurate portrayal of the mish-mash signings made by Wenger in the last decade. It is the perfect quote for Wenger’s doubters; the repetition of the word “bargain” suggesting an uncontainable glee for the concept, whilst the idea—of bargain hunting and hoarding wealth whilst rivals splurge millions to great effect—perfectly captures Wenger as an anachronistic leader, an anti-modern thinker still craving the financial tinkering required in the 90s, rejecting the obscene commerciality of the Premier League to the detriment of Arsenal fans’ ambitions. ...

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    GWXIV: Record-Breaking Vardy & Sunday Draws Help Net 47-Players £42.55

    It was the proverbial weekend of two-halves. Saturday saw goals aplenty, including record-breaking Jamie Vardy's 11th goal, in as many English Premier League games. Sunday was more 'tactical', shall we say, as Super Sunday was defined by the, straight down the middle draw, culminating in the 1-1 draw between Norwich City vs. Arsenal in our MAXIFY game of the weekend. ...

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