• David 1

    Is Manchester United’s Juan Mata The Perfect Footballing Role Model?

    THROWBACK: On October 9th,  David Morris wrote the below on Juan Mata There are moments that occur on a football pitch where as a spectator, no matter your allegiances, you are forced to stand and applaud. So good was Juan Mata’s backheel assist for Chris Smalling’s winner in Manchester United’s Champions League tie with Wolfsburg last week, that it is hard to believe there was anyone viewing who didn’t at least have a wry smile on their face. It helps of course that it was the little Spaniard who attempted the audacious bit of skill—after all Mata is a man who rivals Harry Kane in the Premier League’s “Most Likable Player” charts. This is a man who spends his afternoons acting the culture vulture, does a huge amount of charity work and writes a weekly blog, always ending with the phrase, “Hugs, Juan.” If parents of young children (or partners of middle-aged men), wanted to buy a poster of the game’s most genuine, ideal role model, they would be hard-pressed to find one more suitable than a poster of Mata. ...

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  • Paul 1

    Wayne Rooney: A Scouser In Manchester United Colours

    THROWBACK: On October 12th, Paul Ansorge wrote the below on Wayne Rooney Last week, BBC One broadcast a documentary on Manchester United and England captain Wayne Rooney entitled, “Rooney: The Man Behind the Goals.” It was a well produced, watchable hour of television, which aimed to give an insight into Rooney's life away from football—and in football, but from the human perspective rather than the sporting one. It was not a hard-hitting affair. A couple of vaguely controversial topics were touched upon—the second time he was close to leaving United in particular—but for the most part there was a pretty soft-soap approach from the production team. That is not a knock—access requires compromise, and the access the documentary got to Rooney and his family was unparalleled. ...

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  • Letters from the sidelines

    Letters From The Sidelines | Dear Jorge Sampaoli | Alexis Sanchez

    THROWBACK: On October 13th, James McNicholas penned an emotional letter to Chile manager Jorge Sampaoli James McNicholas, pens an emotional 'open' letter to Chilean Football Manager, Jorge Sampaoli, requesting that Arsenal's, Alexis Sanchez, is rested mid-week, so that he may be fit enough to tackle the might of Watford on the weekend. Just why this is a video - we have no idea ... it's a letter? ...

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  • DOD 1

    Does Michael Carrick Warrant a One-Year Contract Extension At Manchester United?

    Michael Carrick has split opinion throughout his career like no other. ...

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