• Britain Soccer League Cup

    Manchester City Finding A Perfect Balance of Present & Future?

    THROWBACK: ON APRIL 27TH THE BELOW WAS WRITTEN ABOUT MANCHESTER CITY   Manchester City have been a curate’s egg this season. While fully expected to challenge for the title, City find themselves 12 points behind Leicester and still five off Spurs, following the London side’s disappointing draw with West Bromwich Albion. City may not be in the hunt for the title, but they are in the semi-finals of the Champions League, playing a blue riband (no pun intended) tie against Real Madrid. They also thumped Stoke, albeit without their injured England keeper Jack Butland and having suffered an injury to stand-in Shay Given, 4-0 to continue a recent run of form whose only blip has been a 1-1 draw with relegation-threatened Newcastle. Yes, they lost to rivals Manchester United at home in March’s final fixture, but since then in the Premier League and Europe, they have won five games and drawn thrice, scoring 17 goals and conceding four. ...

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  • Conor 2

    Why History Might Treat Louis van Gaal’s Manchester United Legacy More Favourably

     THROWBACK: ON APRIL 27TH THE BELOW WAS WRITTEN ABOUT MANCHESTER UNITED In HBO’s Game of Thrones, legacy is a recurring theme. The idea is propagated by central characters, particularly Tywin Lannister. It consumes him and dictates his every move. Lannister manoeuvres and manipulates his family, such as when he annuls his dwarf son Tyrion’s marriage to a woman deemed unbecoming of the Lannister name and also when attempting to marry off his daughter Cersei against her will. He is ruthless and controlling, sheltered and delusional, so much so that he simply refuses to believe that Cersei is engaging in an intimate relationship with his other son, Jaime. All of this is done to harness his legacy, despite how selfish and self-serving his actions are. ...

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  • Football -  Barclays Premier League - Tottenham Hotspur v Watford

    How Spurs Have Laid The Bricks For A Future Premier League Title Win

    THROWBACK: THE below was released on April 27th. Tottenham Hotspur aren’t the butt of the Leicester City joke, just the last club that’s had to come to terms with it. In this, the most bizarre of seasons, Spurs running the champions elect so close had them cast as the bad guy in an unlikely game of cat and mouse, sort of like Tom and Jerry, only with dreams on the line, rather than cheese. Whilst it’s still a mathematical possibility that Spurs could win the league, and eyebrows may well be raised should Leicester lose to Manchester United and Tottenham take maximum points from Stamford Bridge, you get the feeling that dropping points at home to West Brom leaves the Foxes camped on the finish line, practicing their poses for when they inevitably cross it. ...

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  • Manchester United v Aston Villa - Barclays Premier League

    Why It’s Crazy To Suggest Rashford Is Already Faltering At Man Utd Under Mourinho

    It has been easy to get a little knee-jerk about Manchester United's season so far. Based on what has unfolded in the Red Devils' first two games, the following thing are true:

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