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    Remembering Heurelho Gomes At Tottenham Hotspur—Both The Good, And The Bad

    There are few players that are both as sublime and ridiculous as Heurelho Gomes, a man who is regularly capable of doing the impossible and the infuriating, often in the same game. Coming back into the top flight with Watford this summer, it’s hard to forget the time he spent at Tottenham, no matter how hard some try. While often characterised as a purely slapstick figure, sort of football's answer to Sideshow Bob stepping on rakes, that’s actually an unfairly one-sided portrayal of a player who was often responsible for single-handedly winning football matches. Now, there really is no escaping that Gomes is best known for his mistakes, unfortunate as that might be. Famously, away against Fulham, he was concentrating so little that he allowed a completely harmless near post ball to pass straight through him. Away against Stoke, he once decided that the best way to combat Rory Delap and his once-lauded long throws (remember that?) was to attack the catapulted ball with a flying fist at every opportunity, looking like a shit Superman failing to fly. During one such throw, he misjudged the trajectory so poorly that not only did he manage to knock Vedran Corluka unconscious with a punch Gennady Golovkin would’ve been proud of, but injured himself so badly that he spent a good five minutes on the floor clutching his stomach, crying and screaming like a troubled toddler.  ...

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    Ruben Loftus-Cheek & An Encouraging Start

    In the last few weeks as Chelsea inched nearer to their first league title in five years, John Terry's contribution has been widely recognised. Commanding Chelsea's defence, inspiring those around him and on course to play in all 38 Premier League fixtures, Terry has made a mockery of suggestions by Rafa Benitez that he wasn't capable of playing twice a week. Terry, along with Petr Cech and Didier Drogba, is the last link to Mourinho's first title-winning team in 2005, and the only one still a guaranteed starter. Terry's significance to Chelsea is not only tangible, but symbolic too. You see, Terry is the last youth team graduate to solidify a place in the first-team squad. ...

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    UEFA’s Tweaks to FFP Will Not Change Chelsea’s Modus Operandi

    With UEFA's Financial Fair Play experiment lying in tatters, is it all about to change at Stamford Bridge with a big surge of oil cash? Well not exactly, it would seem, with billionaire Roman Abramovich apparently being a surprising advocate of controls on spending in the game. Michel Platini's announcement that European football's governing body would "ease" the requirements of FFP—UEFA never scraps anything, least of all its own harebrained schemes—comes after the whole thing backfired spectacularly under the Frenchman's watch. ...

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    Be Careful What You Say, Liverpool! You’re Making Sterling’s Decision For Him!

    Dangerous things, quotes. It’s often occurred to me that without the context or the aid of playing physical witness to the speaker, the words can often be slightly misinterpreted, or worse, completely separated from their original meaning. None more so than in the case of Raheem Sterling. ...

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