• Nathan Ake - Watford Chelsea

    When Should Nathan Ake Return To Chelsea?

    Announcing himself on the main stage with a winner against Liverpool, Nathan Ake could be exactly the player Chelsea need – good job they already own him. That added time goal for Bournemouth at Dean Court ensured Chelsea kept clear blue water between themselves and the chasing pack in the Premier League table. It also made 'Agent Ake' in instant hit with Blues fans, many of whom have been closely watching his development over recent seasons. ...

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  • Pep Guardiola - Manchester City

    Manchester City Are Helping To Redefine The Purpose Of Width

    Historically, width has been viewed as an integral element in productive football. Using the wings to put in crosses from each side, finding a striker who can either head, volley, or control and shoot the ball into the net, is traditionally seen as a method of creating danger for the defending team. However, the analysis of tacticians and statisticians has challenged this notion in more recent times. ...

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  • Dele Alli - Tottenham

    Tottenham Need To Curb Dele Alli’s Shenanigans

    At the risk of running headlong into an overused parable involving wolves, boys, and protesting too much, this really does need to be talked about: Dele Alli has to stop cheating. Let's get the counter-arguments out of the way: no, Alli is not the first player to develop a fondness for going to ground easily and he is unlikely to be the last. And, yes, other teams and players have long been obtaining advantages by similar means. There is no special moral onus on any Tottenham player to adhere to a common behavioural standard which simply doesn't exist.  ...

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  • Gabriel - Arsenal

    Gabriel Paulista Deserves Great Respect From Arsenal’s Fans

    Gabriel Paulista has not always been the most popular figure among the Arsenal fans. After a bright start to his Gunners career, a series of errors saw him fall out of favour. This season, there were even signs he might have fallen behind youngster Rob Holding in the central defensive pecking order. However, in a week that’s provided Gabriel with a series of personal and professional tests, he has come through impressively. The Brazilian deserves enormous credit for the way he’s handled the events of the past few days, both on and off the field. ...

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