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    Arsenal’s 2014-15 Premier League Unsung Hero: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Alexis Sanchez has rightly taken a lot of praise this season, keeping Arsenal in contention for the top four and guiding them to the knockout stages of the Champions League. It is not only his goals and assists that make Sanchez a key part of this Arsenal team. His all-round attitude and boundless energy have helped an inconsistent and injury-ravaged side to achieve results they might otherwise have failed to secure. So good has Sanchez’s season been, that his teammate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s own excellent form has slipped quietly under the radar. ...

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    Harry Redknapp’s Fooling Everyone as He Drags Queens Park Rangers into the Championship

    I used to watch Columbo when I was growing up, the television series about the American detective. I say watch when I really mean forced. My father watched the endless repeats of the bloody programme. The lead character of Columbo was an apparently bumbling fool of a police officer. Friendly, disorganised and with a dishevelled appearance, he was constantly underestimated by adversaries. And then he would solve the case. He managed to fool some of the people, all of the time. Remind you of any manager currently operating in the Premier League? I’ll give you a further clue. Remind you of any manager operating in the Premier League and living at Sandbanks on the south coast? ...

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    Liverpool & Everton’s Financial Limits Make Costly Mistakes Even Harder to Overcome

    A changed team at Anfield, and also a changed mood. Liverpool may not have beaten Chelsea in the League Cup semi-final first leg at Anfield on Tuesday, but they did finally play to a beat and rhythm that were much more reminiscent of last season. Brendan Rodgers’ side were often brilliant, so the manager was beaming. ...

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    A View From The Stands: Buses, Brazilians & Blues

    Hello again! You know one of the best things about having a weekly column? It’s that sometimes—when there’s just so much to stick your teeth in to—you can just unload on multiple topics. Today is that day. Last week’s edition got a great response, thank you, but don’t think the subject of undervaluing players is limited to only Mesut Ozil and Eden Hazard. God no. There is another case who is far more deserving of the coverage; that’s Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior...or Oscar, to you and I.  ...

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