• Migs HeDER

    Now Louis van Gaal’s Manchester United Have ‘Clicked’, Will They Challenge For the Premier League Title Next Season?

    As Manchester United continue to impressively generate an ever-increasing pace in terms of their play, it feels a long time since they looked any way laboured. It isn’t an exaggeration to now describe them as one of the most exciting teams in the Premier League, along maybe with Arsenal. That’s quite a transformation, and one that is only emphasised because it feels even longer since anyone made a comparison between Louis van Gaal’s record and that of David Moyes'. It proves the folly of basing anything on relatively brief periods of football. There is a much more relevant comparison, however, with another recent season. ...

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  • Raj Header

    Can Championship Football Be a Welcome Antidote to the Money-Making, Bulldozing Premier League Machine?

    It’s a challenging beast, the Premier League, and it’s not making itself any easier to feel a part of. Sure, it’s the best-marketed league in the world, and yes, we may have some of the planet's best playing here because of the success of the business model, but away from the boardroom-level analysis, the top flight is disenfranchising its core fanbase. We have demonstration after demonstration over ticket prices, we have farce following farce with ownership struggles, we have entire fanbases having to plan mass boycotts of their club and all the while, minimal support comes from those in the positions that matter. And why would they? As long as their pockets are well lined, as long as the television companies continue to spend more than the gross debt of Africa on the broadcasting rights, what reason have they to turn an eye to us, the small man in the street? ...

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  • Leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron and sports broadcaster  Gary  Lineker practice their ball skills

    What Impact Could the Upcoming General Election Have on Premier League Football?

    British football fans are a vocal minority—maybe even majority in these days of wall-to-wall Premier League coverage. Our national sport has become almost inescapable. So why, when we have our five-yearly penalty shoot-out for who actually runs the country, do those seeking our votes have so little to say to us? In 2010, if you can remember back to the days when Chelsea won the double and the country had a government it had actually elected, promises were made by one of the political parties that might change the face of the game forever. ...

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  • 12th Header

    The Dangers of Winning Your “Cup Final”

    Hello! Apparently I write my best stuff when I’m in a grump and being a mardy bastard, like those emotional players who let the anger of the opposition get the heart pumping—interestingly, perhaps Raheem Sterling is the opposite. Opening the scoring early in the game, before negotiating the inevitable come-down that all users suffer. Laughing gas may be a legal high, Raheem, but if you’re looking for humour, why don’t you look inside the camp? Toward your apparent salary demands off the back of lacklustre performances. ...

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