• Devine 1

    Mourinho Will Get Away With Sexist Attack On Benitez’s Wife Simply Because He’s Successful

    An undeniably amusing feature of professional football is the managerial spat. In fact, regardless of the industry, the sight of two authoritative figures dropping their clipboards and shaking their fists is honey to the mouths of the masses. Without restraint, hell-bent and loose-tongued, many a fiery manager has summoned their wrath amidst the flights of the Premier League. And with a history of characters like Brian Clough and Alex Ferguson, England is no stranger to public, verbal lashings. ...

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  • Buxton 2

    Does Brendan Rodgers’ Job Security Depend on Success of £32.5 Million Christian Benteke?

    Thinking big has, albeit belatedly, become a staple of Liverpool's modern identity. Those that bore witness to last week's erection of a towering 650-tonne roof truss onto the Main Stand can attest to that ambition. Further signs of such propensity can be found in the transfer market. As a selling club, they have excelled under Fenway Sports Group's premiership. Even Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland A's whose Moneyball philosophy has been heavily revered by the American custodians, would struggle to ignore his contemporaries' track record. High-profile departures have passed through Anfield's exit door with the sound of the cash register ringing in their ears. Raheem Sterling's sale to Manchester City earlier this month—even with Queens Park Rangers' cut accounted—left Liverpool with a 7,900 percent mark-up on their £500,000 investment. ...

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  • Raj 1

    Is the Notion of ‘Proven Premier League Quality’ a Fallacy?

    You’ll hear an awful lot about "proven Premier League quality" this summer. Whether it’s being used to underline the way a side scout their talent, undermine a new signing from foreign shores or legitimise a new arrival from a domestic rival, experience of playing in the Premier League seems to carry with it a somewhat sizeable amount of gravity. However, given that most instances of universally accepted perceived wisdom usually end up ignoring the flip side of any argument, is proven Premier League quality as important as everyone seems to make it out to be? Increasingly, it seems, it’s a lessening consideration for those across the top flight. Precious few are as tied to abiding by it as they used to be, and the best players from most clubs haven’t been brought in from domestic rivals. It’s true, of course, that the biggest sides with their infinitely deep pockets are more than likely to buck the trend regardless, due to their ability to attract and finance the world's best, but it’s true of most sides in the league to a varying degree. For every Alexis Sanchez, there’s and Esteban Cambiasso, and for every Sergio Aguero, there’s a Michu to fight back with. ...

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  • Bamford 2

    Why Crystal Palace Is The Perfect Loan Destination for Patrick Bamford

    Patrick Bamford sees Frank Lampard’s A* Latin GCSE and raises it with 5 A*s, 3 As and 2Bs, followed up by a scholarship offer for a place at Harvard University. The 21-year-old forward is far from your average footballer. This is a man with intelligence, determination, ambition and perhaps most importantly talent in abundance. Despite these attributes and his very tender age, though, Bamford is currently approaching a watershed moment in his career. If the new Crystal Palace signing is a car, he is rapidly coming towards a cross roads. Whether he powers full steam ahead into the sunset, or stalls forward, unsure which direction to head for, will depend largely on the 2015-2016 campaign. For the first time in his career, Bamford is set to start a season as a Premier League footballer. Last week marked the latest chapter in his progression, with the forward signing a three-year contract extension with parent club Chelsea, while simultaneously signing on a season-long loan with Crystal Palace. ...

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